Alumni Update - November 2018



Dear Alumni:

It has been several months since I last communicated with you, and this school year has been moving rapidly! We are anticipating Thanksgiving break and already preparing for our Christmas program. This is a most exciting time at Grace Christian School during this—our 40th year of operation. As always, it is hard to believe that we are already in the month of November, but the Lord has been working mightily in our school.


We began the school year with our secondary school revival. We had five different preachers throughout the course of the week. We saw three students place their trust in Jesus Christ! As we continued to pray, we saw an additional student saved during our fall revival in October. We were blessed to have Evangelist Caleb Garraway at our church. He preached two chapel services and conducted a session for our senior American Government class on America’s rich Christian heritage. He has written much literature about the founding of our country and history, in general. It was a privilege to allow him to present his ministry to our students!


Our fall fundraiser went extremely well! We will be using the funds to purchase some needed technology in our lower elementary classrooms. On the topic of funds, I am pleased to announce to you that our church and school received estate checks from a previous member of Grace Baptist Church who had passed away. She left $600,000 to our church and school ministries. We are in the process of purchasing two pieces of property which will be the relocation site for the Valorie Harris Memorial Playground. We already have plans underway for the construction of a gymnasium to be built on the adjacent block to the main church facilities. We are so thankful to the Lord for providing this after much dedication to prayer over this addition. I trust that in a few short years, I will invite you back for the Alumni games, not to a rented gymnasium, but back to the campus of Grace Baptist Church and Christian School!

Our volleyball team made it to the first round of the Division 2 State Tournament. Unfortunately, they did not proceed to the semi-finals. My wife Danielle completed her third year of coaching the Lady Crusaders. I appreciate her work with the team and her labor of love for our school. We are very proud of our Lady Crusaders. We bid farewell to the two seniors of our volleyball team, Lydia and Katerina.

Our varsity basketball team began practice on October 16 and played their first scheduled game on November 9. We look forward to our alumni games quickly approaching in January 2019.  Our alumni ladies will be taking on our varsity volleyball team, and our alumni men will be playing a basketball game against our varsity guys. I’m looking forward to these matches!


This year, our homecoming and alumni festivities will be held on Friday, January 25, and Saturday, January 26. On Friday at 5:30 p.m., our basketball team will have our homecoming match after which we will crown our 2019 homecoming queen. On Saturday, our alumni events will begin at 2:00 p.m. We will have concessions available, Crusader Cash, drawings, and giveaways for those in attendance! Our Homecoming game on Friday will be held at the 29th Street Recreation Center, and our Alumni festivities will take place at Psalmond Road Recreation Center. The address is 6550 Psalmond Road, Columbus, GA, 31820. If you have any questions about these times or facilities, please contact the school office at (706) 323-9161 or



Finally, I wanted to leave you with the names of our teachers for this school year. I would love for you to pray for them. They certainly sacrifice much to be involved in the spiritual and academic lives of our young people. Please consider praying for them or even writing them a letter of encouragement. We would gladly receive those at the school’s address.


K3/K4 – Jennifer Farnsworth

K5– Beverly Farnsworth

1st – Rebecca Skutt

2nd – Kristi Henderson

3rd/4th – Ciera Byrd

5th/6th – Josh Rickard

Secondary –  Robert Nadaskay

Secondary – Amber Morse

Secondary – Linda Henderson

Secondary – Kimberly Morrison


I appreciate your time and look forward to future communication with you all! Hope to see you soon!

Crusader Always,

Bryan McDonald

School Administrator

2915 14th Avenue . Columbus, GA 31904