Mission & Purpose

The Mission of Grace Christian School (GCS) is to promote the cause of Christ by providing a distinctively Christian, traditional education that develops students spiritually, intellectually, morally, culturally, and socially. Grace Christian School has its own unique personality, character, and philosophy of education in line with its mission. The school exists, specifically, to honor Jesus Christ by partnering with parents to educate the next generation of Christian leaders.

The Purpose of Grace Christian School is to cultivate a caring, compassionate, Christian environment and exhibit a Christ-like atmosphere that will produce Biblically-minded students to passionately live the principles of the Word of God.

The objectives of Grace Christian School relate to its mission and purpose to provide a distinctively Christian, traditional education. GCS desires that students become academically and intellectually competent and knowledgeable of the Word of God. In keeping with its mission and purpose, GCS's objective is that each student will meet the following learning outcomes:

        • Spiritual: From classes and chapel, the students will be able to show a working knowledge of the Bible and apply the principles, truths, and values of God's Word to their daily lives;
        • Intellectual: Through instruction from a biblical worldview, the students will develop the academic foundation needed to pursue God's will for their lives;
        • Moral: Beginning with the youngest students, the students will be encouraged to develop Christian character;
        • Cultural: Through the school's participating in GACS Fine Arts competitions, students will be encouraged to cultivate an appreciation of fine arts;
        • Social: Students will be challenged to demonstrate courtesy and kindness to others.